The Most Used Themes for Ecommerce Website That Specialize in Catalog Products

When you have an ecommerce, it is very important that you keep yourself up to date of all of the new ecommerce themes that are being released every year. By doing this you can make sure that you are making the right choice and that you are choosing the ideal solution for your online business. Here are three of the best themes for ecommerce websites out there right now.


If you are interested in finding an elegant solution that is designed with ecommerce shops in mind, then Foxy is the theme for you. It offers shortcodes and a very responsive design, while also connecting with WooCommerce which will allow you to sell anything from apps to clothes and shoes. You also have the option to use a slider that will allow you to highlight your new products. All of the product pages have images, reviews, descriptions for all the products and related products suggestions to keep your customers buying on your site.


This ecommerce theme has always been one of the best and favorite themes amongst customers since it looks and feels very modern and it allows you to build a beautiful full screen image area that people can see once they open your site. With this theme you get some very sleek and minimalist product galleries where you can show off your best items. The header provides you with overlaying text and buttons that can send your customers to product and landing pages. Shopkeeper offer pre-built page layouts that allow you to cut down on your development time, while the product pages that it has are some the most extensive out there since they allow you to have long form content, reviews, large images and more.


If you would like to build a shop that has the appearance of the stunning layout of Pintrest, then definitely go for Pinshop. It has an AJAX, gird-based shopping environment that results with a fast website and a very beautiful layout. The homepage has a slider that shows the featured items and your customers can filter the products based on the product category that they are interested in. The product page provides images, reviews, product descriptions, without it looking cluttered, but on the contrary, very sleek and clean.

Now it is time for you to ask yourself which theme is the right one for you if you are thinking of starting an ecommerce. Or, if you already have one, maybe this will encourage you to evaluate your online store and perhaps choose to move on from your old ecommerce theme to a brand new one that fits your business better.

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